Welcome to Human Resources (Wales) Ltd.

Services & Solutions for Employer's across all sectors - Private, Public and Voluntary

We are an independent company established to provide specialist people management advice, services and solutions to employers in all sectors – private, public and voluntary.

We believe strongly in sticking to what we really know best and seek to do those things well in any assignment we undertake. As such, you may be assured that our services , always –

    • > Are of high quality, reflecting thorough professional expertise and approaches
    • > Offer practical, realistic and appropriate solutions
    • > Are unbiased and independent
    • > Add value to our clients’ decision making and business objectives



We recognise that each client’s problems and requirements are unique and that our response to any request for our services needs to be flexible and tailored to that client’s needs. We seek always to ensure –

  • > Friendly, receptive and timely responses
  • > A strong, supportive relationship, whether you have a “one-off” issue or require ongoing support from our company
  • > Your reassurance that your issues will be addressed effectively and expeditiously

Whilst we operate across the U.K., as a Welsh company established and based in Wales, we aim to become the consultancy / business partner of choice within Wales in relation to specialist people management advice and support, organisational change and organisation development. In this context, we are able to offer our services bilingually to those companies and organisations which prefer to conduct their business and administration through the medium of the Welsh language or have a statutory obligation to do so.

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